A limited edition numbered offered from Baccarat to ELA

On 15 May 2002 in Glasgow, Zinedine Zidane scored a magical, defining, legendary goal. With this achievement, he sent a message to the world: daring, mastery of movement and team spirit can win victories. The important thing is to believe and be determined.

To beat leukodystrophies (neurodegenerative genetic diseases) to try the impossible, is a duty and a fight to be fought at every moment. The important thing is to unite and not lose hope.

Moved by this fight, Baccarat took up the challenge and utilised its excellent craftsmanship to create a unique work to benefit ELA International: a crystal foot made from the footprint of Zinedine Zidane, emblematic ELA ambassador since 2000. By acquiring this exceptional object, you are making an immense gesture of solidarity and contributing to funding medical research on leukodystrophies and to ELA’s international development. You are joining the greatest team in the world, the one that scores goals for ELA! European Leukodystrophy Association


A simple piece with a certain humility

In my mind there was no question of designing something frozen, it had to be something aerial, something moving. This movement brings another dimension to the object. I think that for ELA it means taking a new step forward. This work has brought together the team’s collective expertise to create a piece that will match the ELA ambassador. Like many, I am fascinated by Zinedine Zidane, I think that this creation is a little bit like his image: a simple piece, that favours a certain humility.
Nicolas Ledoux, Plastic Artist


A footprint – a strong sign

Zinedine Zidane represents a great deal for the people of my generation. Initially it was very important to take the footprint and draw the first model, the one that would serve throughout the creative process. This footprint is that of an ELA ambassador, someone who is globally appreciated, who does a lot for this association. He lent himself very graciously, very simply, but he wanted us to take the mould of his left foot that scored the best goal of his career.

This made me think of the “Wear Your Trainers” to beat disease operation. Knowing that it is the foot of one of the most beloved French footballers represents a lot… The footprint is a strong sign. For Baccarat, each new piece is a challenge, it must be beautiful, and it is for ELA. This is important, so it really must be the best. For me, being able to participate in my field and modelling for this cause, is a great way to make a positive difference.

Nathalie Blaise, Modeller, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres


Like a birth

Zinedine Zidane is an icon, and to achieve something like this crystal foot (I think I’ve have always dreamed a little of something like this), it is at the same time a pleasure and a pride. Demoulding is a bit like a birth. You prepare beforehand, you have a waiting time related to the “cooking”, and at the time of demoulding there is a feeling of apprehension: you release the piece of plaster, and as if by magic, you discover the shape you had prepared earlier which has now become crystal.

The excellence of Baccarat lies in craftsmanship enhanced by sparkle. When you complete a piece, you get that shine – it’s beautiful! When a piece is finished, we feel a kind of ecstasy. For me, this foot is the expression of a desire to go forward, to kick off. For the association, I think that always going forward and not looking back too much is essential.

Raymond Regnault, Crystal Cutter, Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Great value

I am a Sèvres gold-guilder, my contribution is both accurate and valuable. I make the finishing touches for perfection, while considering the work that has already been done. We are very, very careful. A lot of thought has to go into my job, it is important to me, and when you love what you do, you do it to the best of your ability and with a lot of passion…

I have been really moved while working on this piece, I am happy to be here today with you and to participate in this project. It touches me, the association, and us here because what we are creating is of great value.

Angélique Unterner, Sèvres gold guilder