Crystalfoot, a major donors club

Crystalfoot, a club of major donors united around an original project in support of the fight against leukodystrophies.

On 6 May 2019, the Crystalfoot Club in Luxembourg was launched by Norbert Becker, a member of the ELA International Advisory Board, and Guy Alba, President.

Crystalfoot is a collection of crystal feet made from the footprints of great football players. The first of this collection, made free of charge by Baccarat, is that of Zinedine Zidane, ELA’s iconic sponsor.

Crystalfoot is also an international charity club that aims to help ELA beat leukodystrophies. The fight against this terrible rare disease must be international in order to bring together as many patients as possible and to be able to launch clinical trials. These trials to test new treatments are extremely expensive and require more substantial financial resources.

Leukodystrophies are serious genetic diseases that affect between 20 and 40 children per week in Europe. These diseases are fatal, affecting all vital functions (movement, sight, hearing), and can destroy the brain of a previously healthy child in a matter of months.
Crystalfoot was born from an obvious fact; asking Zinedine Zidane to create his foot in crystal. This is the beginning of an adventure where excellence will meet excellence.

The crystal foot is thus created by the prestigious Maison Baccarat on the initiative of Daniela Riccardi (General Manager) and Daniel Caufour (Operations Manager). The excellence of Baccarat’s expertise is matched by the excellence of the commitment of Crystalfoot Club members.
Several crystal feet have been reserved by Luxembourg donors. Aware of ELA’s values – solidarity, respect, humanity – and their goal of saving patients both young and old, they are committed to sponsoring new donors who will join the Club.
This club brings together the best team in the world: a team that is fighting against leukodystrophies.