Major donors commit to ELA

Club Crystalfoot 22 mai 2019 Baccarat Paris

On 22 May, Maison Baccarat hosted a prestigious dinner for friends, sponsors, partners and Crystalfoot members.

Crystalfoot is a collection of crystal feet made from the footprints of great football players. The first of this collection, made free of charge by Baccarat, is that of Zinedine Zidane, ELA’s iconic sponsor.

Crystalfoot is also an international charity club that aims to beat leukodystrophies. ELA International’s priority is to find a cure for these neurodegenerative diseases. To achieve this, ELA International must gather as many patients as possible from around the world and find new resources, since human clinical trials are much more expensive than laboratory work.

This event took place at Maison Baccarat, in the presence of Guy Alba, President of ELA International, François-Henri Pinault, President and CEO of Kering and Member of the Advisory Board of ELA International, Daniela Riccardi, President of Baccarat, Zinedine Zidane, honorary member of ELA, members of the Crystalfoot Club, sponsors and friends of ELA, all gathered around Ewen, a young boy with leukodystrophy, and his parents. Everyone was able to reiterate their support for this fantastic project and for ELA’s fight to see research advance against these terrible diseases.

A great moment for ELA!